Laga Chunri Mein Daag

This song is a very famous Bollywood movie – Dil hi to hai. The song is based on hindi classical music system.

This famous bhajan or religious psalm used in the movie by lyricist Sahir Ludhiyanwi had been originally written by Sant (Saint) Kabir as a Nirgun Bhajan. In the song the male singer sings assuming himself to be a married women. He says he has come to the husband’s home from her parents’. The song says that the bride is cautiuos of not getting any stains on her clothes specially when she gets back to the parents’. Kabir fantacises himself as a bride who has come to her adopted home and got so much embroiled in worldly pleasure and sin that she is afraid how would she with a sinful past go n meet her creator on the final day. This is purely a spiritual ,philosophic poem based on “Adwaita” philosophy and has a serious ,sensitive and deep meaning .

This is what the lyric says, but the inner meaning is something spiritual. Kabir has used here many similies, like the bride is someone who came into the world. The Chunri (shawl), Sasural/Sasurali (husband’s home) and Parlok (heaven) or Babul (Mayka/Mait/parents’ home) are used to take the place of soul/heart, the world and the paradise respectively.

This is how Hinduism is documented in religous scriptures but they should be explained correctly.

~ by wienmandu on May 24, 2010.

3 Responses to “Laga Chunri Mein Daag”

  1. The images are so old! :D

    Wienmandu : Becoz the movie is itself an old one.

  2. Exactly this is what I thought the point had meant when I listened to the song. But my hubby was interpreting it different. Thanks for clarification.

  3. I believe that this poem “Laaga Chunri mein daagh” is written by Sahir Ludhianivi and not by Kabir.

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