About him

Mitra Khattri, living currently in Vienna. He is a Nepali citizen who has nostalgia about his childhood spent in Dehradoon, Mahoo, Khandua, Benaras (Varanasi) in India and Shankar Nagar, Butwal in Nepal.  He was born in Dubichaur, Gulmi, Nepal on March 21, 1978.

He used to be an average student while in school. He persued the college education mostlyin Lumbini Commerce Campus, Butwal but partly in Tribhuwan Multiple Campus, Palpa , Butwal Multiple Campus, Butwal and Shankardev Campus, Kathmandu. He is still a student in Witschaftsuniversität, Wien, Vienna.

On the way to making his living, he started career in accounting and management in Suryodaya Urja Pvt. Ltd. in the mid 1999. It was a solar photovoltaic system manufacting comapany. He left the job when the comapny was the third biggest solar comapany after Lotus Energy and SEC in Nepal because he wanted to study further and do something new and interesting in his life. He is still striving for that.

So far his hobbies are concerned, he sings, whistles, listens to the music all around the world. His first favourites are working with Photoshop and going out for photography. He has a collection of around 5000 self shot photos. I don´t feel bad to consent that just one hundred of them came out to be lovley. Besides, he wants to learn MSAccess, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator and Pinnacle Studio.

He wants to seek a future in IT world or perhaps in business. But for the time he is jobless.

Bad habits… he goes to bed toooooo late. He feels bad when he could not do something within the right time.

He is Hindu from the birth. But mostly doesn´t believe so traditionally rather thinks that love is the ultimate religion in the world. Simple ideas, simple lifestyles impress him.

Besides administering Wienmandu, he is also administering Techmandu and Nesas-Austria.

4 Responses to “About him”

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. we read ur article on world cyclist Pushkar shah.we found that u have mentioned a photo of his friend as his wife which is false information.since this is a serious issue we hope u understandit and delete it immediately.u can confirm the truth contacting pushkar shah himself at his mail id nepalcyclist@yahoo.com…thank u in advance for ur kind cooperation.

  3. hi there…

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