Shirish ko Phool by Parijat

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I am pleased to present one of the most significant masterpiece from Nepalese literature works – “Shirish ko Phool”  aka “Blue Mimosa” aka “Flower of Mimosa Sirisa” aka  “Flower of Blue Mimosa” written by Bishnu Kumari Waiba, better known as “Parijat” in audio form. It has 66 pages and 3:35:24 long in audio. It is one of the most-sought Nepalese book. I ask you to comment on the audio novel.


Suyog Singh Bir         The Narrator
Shivaraj                    The friend of Suyog
Mujura                     The eldest sister of Shiva
(Sakam)bari               The second sister of Shiva
Sanu                        The youngest sister of – Shiva
Matinchi                   The girl-friend of Suyogbir in then Burma

LISTEN “Shirish ko Phool (Flower of Mimosa Sirisa)” HERE or


Recovering your lost Mobile

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Sometimes it happens all of a sudden that you lose your mobile phone. You might get shock of leakage of your private datas and loss of the saved phone numbers, sms etc.
Now, I’m going to give some details how you can trace your mobile.Once you lost mobile wait for one day and try to call on it. Try to get IMEI number from

-Mobile bill
-Mobile box which has on cover details about mobile.
-At any personal place you kept like Dairy, PC etc.

Contact service provider and check if then can help you. Give them IMEI number. If it is stolen then block your SIM if no one is responding on that number.

1.Contact handset company outlet and ask them can they help for this
2.If you have mobile guardian software then contact person whose name you give for SMS replies. Mobile guardian software sends the SMS which contain number of new SIM.
3.Register complaint at police station about mobile theft or loss. Get help from them if you are getting new SIM SMS and locate it.

Online Help
1. Go to following site and register for mobile theft.

You can get the IMEI number by dialing *#06# in your mobile phone before getting it lost. You can write the number now for future use.

Pirated Music of Dhadkan

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This song titled “Dhadkan” is from movie “Dhadkan”.

You may get the piece of the Dhadkan Tune out in the following song

Philippines fights MILF

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Evidences of Japanese Atrocities (WWII)

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The Empowered Filipina

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Auschwitz: The Nazis and the ‘Final Solution’

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