On Compulsory Armed or Civil Service

What and Where
Before coming to Austria, I was always raising my hand against the compulsion of armed or civil services for every national in small discussions with friends. Since, I came to Austria, my thinking about compulsory armed or civil services has changed a lot. Austria has, unlike Nepal, compulsion to join either armed services or civil services between the age of 18 to 35 for a period of ca. 9 months. It is called “Bundesheer oder Zivildienst”, Federal Armed Forces or Civil Service, in German. We don’t see such system elsewhere in South Asian countries till date.

The compulsory armed or civil serviedoesn’t mean that the soldiers would always learn about guns and killing skills, but they would be given social responsibility. The spirit that we are here to serve the nation and the people should be the top priority. The training would make the participents responsible and matured. I guess that the thousands hands throwing stones to police and setting roads on fire would stop after the training. They would think about nation more that their ownself.

After the training, the elderly people, the disabled people, children would receive more respect than now. The feeling of equality would get stronger. The criminals related to woman and children crimes, drugs, kidnapping, rape, murder would be handled strictly.

Nepal has a very large young population. If everyone serves for six months, the whole country would change. The change would be great for sure. They could be deployed to help curb criminality, help constructing development infrastructures, good education and good health to remote region.

None should be allowed to start a career in Army, Police, Hospital, Banks, School,s Universities and so on without having completed the servies.

When, I dream this all on the way to changing Nepal faster, I feel good.

Let’s see what happens.



~ by wienmandu on May 19, 2009.

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