Jajiya Tax imposed to Pakistani Sikhs

Yesterday, I read the news that the Pakistani Talibans have now issued a Ferman, a declaration that the Sikhs living in Pakistan have to pay Jajiya Tax, an inhuman tax for non-muslims called Kafir payable to Talibans, in order to keep on their religious activities on Pakistani Soil or to be ready to accept death.


Such an illogical and non-democratic practices are usual in Taliban controlled regions in Pakistan as well as in Afghanistan. What they think about democracy, women, children and their handling of social problem is really brutal and savage.

I guess, the true Islam they never have learned. Since, they are brain-washed mostly at the young age. They have forgotten the first page of Kur’an that says the Allah is very forgiving and God teaches us to love.

Taliban and other such groups have their own religion, their own expalanation to the Kur’an. Any religion that punishes people on any ground and doesn’t want to love them is in fact merely a collection of tyrannical thoughts.

Talibans should start reading Kur’an again in a new way, how the Allah meant us to understand.

In brief, what TALEBAN means for me is –

N=No regret


~ by wienmandu on May 1, 2009.

One Response to “Jajiya Tax imposed to Pakistani Sikhs”

  1. I see…….

    For me Taleban means Total Kickass
    Against Imperialism
    Against that or those which oppose or have opposed what some have considered to be the Noble Tradition of Islam , or the Noble Way of Islam

    so we get

    T – Total Kickass
    A – Against Imperialism
    L – Logical , creative , inspirational , traditional , conservative
    E – Ethnical
    B – Brave & Noble
    A – Against that which opposes traditional Islam as of today
    N – Numinous

    Some moslems have told to me that since I am not a moslem , I do not have a right to consider openly how their concept of Allah means me to approax Islam. My own explanation of Allah has been that the name of Allah has been derived from such concepts as Kaab – Allah , and such deities as ´Baal´, i.e. ´Baallah!´
    Please note that in my statement I do not mean to insult anyone out of their views on such traditions as Islam , not being Islamic myself.


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