Ghajini : A Remake of “Memento”

Amir Khan’s latest movie has added new dimensions to his career. It is getting popular among Indian market. Amir and his movie team claims it to be the original story, which is actually a big lie. The story is a 80% copy of hollywood hit Memento (AD 2000).

Memento is considered as one of the best films of 2000 – was inspired by a short story by Jonathan Nolan, the brother of the film’s director Christopher Nolan.

The short story, Memento Mori, became Memento and stars Guy Pearce as a former insurance fraud investigator (Leonard Shelby), who is hunting for the man who he believes raped and killed his wife during a burglary.

Unfortunately for Leonard, he now has anterograde amnesia, which he contracted from severe head trauma during the attack on his wife. This renders his brain unable to store new memories. To cope with his condition, he maintains a system of notes, photographs, and tattoos to record information about himself and others, including his wife’s killer.

He is helped in his investigations by Teddy (Joe Pantoliano) and Natalie (Carrie Anne Moss), neither of whom he can really trust.

The following are the Ad Posters and shots from the movie “Memento”-






Surya Shiva Kumar in a Tamil movie called Ghajini (AD 2005)ghajini05

Bollywood`s Star Actor Amir Khan on the lead in Hindi movie “Ghajini” (AD 2008). Most of both Ghajinis have been heavily copied and partly a little bit differently treated to localise the movies. Watch the similarity of the Ad Posters and find the differences (NOT similarites).




Amir in a new hairstyleghajini04


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~ by wienmandu on December 26, 2008.

5 Responses to “Ghajini : A Remake of “Memento””

  1. haha nice man

  2. I agree with what u have shown but I’ve never heard Ghajini’s director saying it was his own story he rather openly agreed it to be influenced by the Hollywood flick Memento !!! .and moreover I feel though the theme is same the story line is entirely different as it happens in case of most of the movies (the same old Love stories).

  3. hi, how could I shape my body in gym? Any idea?

  4. Hey thanks for the great information

  5. and rest from Sajan (Hindi movie-Manoj kumar starred)

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