WordPress’ Flash Uploader funtions

I am using WordPress and Flash Uploader since July 2008. I am almost a satisfied customer of WordPress. Since last month I got problem with it. An Update prompted through my automated updates. It was Adobe Flash Player 10. Since, I installed it, my Flash Uploader of my blog in WordPress stopped to function any more.

I contacted some of my friends who were using the Flash Player 9, I came to know that they are still using it. I decided then to uninstall version 10 and to get back to version 9.

If you have also the similar sort of problem then give it a try.

Steps of Uninstalling Flash Player of current version 10
# Click on START on the left down of Desktop
# Click on SETTINGS
# Click on Adobe Flash Player 10 then click on the button on the right side named ADD OR REMOVE (Then, it will begin to remove from your hard drive)

Steps of installing Flash Player of version 9
# Follow the link http://adobe-flash-player.pro.de/950/ or http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html#fp9 then install it.
# Now, check if the flash uploader is functioning. If, yes, then that means flash player is working.


~ by wienmandu on November 6, 2008.

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