Working with multiple layers in Photoshop

If you want to make a combined picture, assembling and orded in an attractive way to catch eyes, then you would certainly be working with multiple layers in Photoshop.
Here, follows the steps of working with multi layers in photoshop.
# Open all photos that you want to work with Photoshop.
00147-multilayers# Find the dimensions (height and width) of all photos in pixels. To find the dimension of an image in Photoshop, you will click on IMAGE on the Menu bar > IMAGE SIZE
# Write the biggest dimensions on a piece of a paper, i.e. the biggest height and width among all photos.
# Press Ctrl+N (NEW) to create a new picture and set the unit of measure to pixels, if it is whatever else. Then, supply the biggest dimension that you had written on the paper. If you want to print the finished picture, then give the Resolution at least 300 dpi otherwise set it to 100 dpi. Then click OK. This would be your master picture.
# Click on a photo other than the master picture.
# Press Ctrl+A (Selecting ALL) and then Ctrl+C (for COPYING)
# Click on the Master file now then Ctrl+V (for Pasting the already copied photo as a layer (Note three layers at the picture below on the right hand side, out of them the middle layer is blue that means that layer is active; it means if you make any changes using any tool, the change will take place on this active layer)
# Do the same process with other photos that you like to paste in the Master file.
00149-multilayers# If you want to move any of the layer/photos, click on the layer displayed in layers bar on the right hand side. If you dont find the layers palette, then press F7. It’s a toggle key for displaying Layers bar, ie, if you click once it displays and if you click it again it disappears.
# After clicking on the respective Layer on the bar on the right hand side, you would press V (Move). And now you may move the layer with the movement of mouse.
# You may move other layers after moving one layer by clicking again the another respective layer on the layers palette on the right hand side and then pressing V and moving other layer again the same way.
# After all desired changes you should not forget saving it to the computer.

(All Photos Credit : BBC Hindi)


~ by wienmandu on November 5, 2008.

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