Goodbye Jörg Haider

Goodbye Haider !!!
Jörg Haider, the chief of the Kärnten Province of Austria took his last breath on the night of 11th October 2008. He was about 59 years old (26th Jan 1950). He had an car accident. He is said to have been driving fully drunk. He had no chance at a speed more than 120 Km/ hr and died on the spot in Lambichl Gemeinde Köttmannsdorf. He was returning after attending some get-togethers and parties thrown on massive success of his political party BZÖ. He was supposed to take part on the 90th birthday of his mother. Unfortunately, he could not make it.

On the 70 Km/hr speed-limited road, he was jetting in far more speed than permitted. His blood reports reveal that he was having 1.8 permill alcohol concentration in blood.

Formerly, he was the the president of FPÖ, another politiacal party. Later on, in AD 2000, he grounded another party named BZÖ and became its president since then. Both parties are known for their anti-immigrants strategies.

He left a wife and two grown-up daughters behind him.


~ by wienmandu on October 12, 2008.

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