The first written Laws

Did you know, where did the first written laws come into use? Your answer might be France by the emperor Napoléon Bonaparte around AD 1800. It was known as “Napoléon’s Code”. Now, it is said to be discovered that the truth that you had known, is false.

In AD 1380 (accordingly BS 1436 and NS 500), the king of a small kingdom in present Kathmandu Valley, Nepal – Jayaprakash Malla ordered the formulation and enforcement in his kingdom. The original collection of laws published in Sankskrit and Newari languages embraces mainly the aspects related to civil, criminal, murder, robbery and marriages. It was named as ‘न्यायविकासिनी’ – “Nyayavikasini” meaning “Developer of Justice”.

After 629 years of forgotten centuries, it is revived and translated into Nepali and English. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Nepal – Kehar Prasad Giri inaugurated the translated version of the book to the public. He added, “It is one of the jewels of our ancient culture and civilised society.” 

“Due to the lack of publicity, “Nyayavikasini” could not get its worldwide recognition as the world’s first written collection of laws.” says its chief editor Mr. Prakash Basti.



~ by wienmandu on October 1, 2008.

One Response to “The first written Laws”

  1. You have a typo, It should be King Jaya Sthiti Malla not Jaya Prakash Malla. (2nd para, 4th line)

    Wienmandu : Thanks for correcting me.

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