Maoists’ 22-point demands

August 20, 2007


1. Monarchy: Declare republic Nepal from parliament as the monarchy and its forces are conspiring against the CA election

2. Kings property: Nationalize the whole properties of late king Birendra and his family including the properties owned by Gyanendra as the king.

3. Security of Palace: Immediate withdrawal of Nepal Army from Narayanhiti Royal Place and ensure the separate general security provision to Gyanendra and his family.

4. Compliance to Rayamajhi report 2064: The individuals who are convicted as offenders by Rayamajhi Commission shall be punished immediately.

5. Democratization Integration: Democratize the NA forming Security Council and integrate the NA and People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soon.

6. Election system Inclusion: Organize the round table conference to ensure proportionate representation of all class, caste, region, Madhesi, women, Dalits, minority communities, etc. for CA election.

7. Minimum program: To end the present conventional monocracy, conduct the government on the basis of consensus following common minimum program.

8. Local bodies: Local bodies shall be constituted on consensus for the CA election.

9. Appointment: Appoint/nominate ambassadors, university officials, commissioners at National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and Commission for the Investigation of Abuse Authority.

10. Relief to victims: Stern actions shall be taken against the offenders responsible for killings after signing CPA and ensure relief to the victims of death.

11. Prisoners of conscience: Withdrawal of cases filed against Maoists and release all those who are still in the jails in Nepal and India.

12. Relief fund to injuries: Provide one hundred thousand Nepalese currency as compensation to the martyrs families of the people’s war. Provide medical treatment completely to the injured/victims.

13. Fact-finding mission: Constitute a High-level Commission to investigate the cases of disappearances of the People’s War and recommend to offenders for the action.

14. PLA camps/weapons: Manage the PLA cantonments with special government initiation.

15. Allowances to PLA: Implement the cabinet decision to provide NRs. 3,000 allowance per month to the PLA.

16. Basic human rights: Formulate legal and executive steps to implement rights to education, health, employment and food as basic fundamental rights respecting the CPA and IC.

17. Repel feudal land-ownership: Constitute a High-level Commission to implement scientific land reforms policy respecting PCA.

18. Action against corruption: Form a Special Body to take stern action against the civil servant who earned mammoth property by illegal means.

19. State Restructuring Commission: Constitute a High-level State Restructuration Commission to formulate autonomous federal government to work for forward-looking federalism with ethnic/national and regional right to self-determination.

20. Foreign agreement: Not to sign any long-term important agreement including sharing of water resources before CA election.

21. Demands of agitating groups: Fulfill the rightful demands of peasant, laborer, student, dalit, woman, service-holder, caste/ethnic/Madhesi, industrialist, businessperson, journalist, including masses for CA election.

22. Complete action: Complete implementation of the CPA agreed between the CPN (Maoist) and the Government of Nepal.



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