Mass (Batch) Photos Resizing in Photoshop

Have you ever come across a problem like one that I had last week, when I had to resize a total of 200 photos as a batch at once together? These were those photos that I had shot while Pushkar Shah’s visit in Vienna. I had to post them to NESAS’s Blog. I had resized some 10-15 photos one by one. In order to reduce the dimensions and the memory-size of those photos, I had to do the same tiring process repeatedly and precautiously. Then I googled out and found that it was very interesting and easy too. Now, my dream to shorten and automatise the process without being there for several hours for a tremendous number of photos has come true and I would be perhaps in Shopping Mall or lying on the bed and listening to the music and the Photoshop will this for me without a pause and with precision. Let’s see how it works –

First of all, copy the original photos and put into a new Folder. In case of mistake, you won’t lose original photos. If you have Horizontal and Vertical photos together, copy them to two separate folders for further process.


1. The aforementioned process of backing up the original photos and starting to work on the photos in New Folder.

2. Open the Folder then open any photo of them in Photoshop. Then go to Menu and click

Window then Actions to make the Action palette visible.

3. At the bottom of the palette, you’ll see a small icon for New Page click on that to create a new action. Give it a name and click OK.

4.Then at the bottom of this palette, click the small circular button for Begin Recording. This has a VCR-like functionality that will record all of your actions after you click on Begin Recording Icon and store them so that they can be repeated on other images.

5. On the Menu click on Image then Image Size or Strg/Ctrl + Alt + I is the shortcut for that. Here, specify the new image dimensions; you can change the select pop-ups for either the Pixel Dimension group or Document Size to change the units. Either one of those will resize it correctly. Click on OK when you’re done.

6. On the Menu click on File then click either Save As to save in the same resolution or Save for Web in order to change the resolution further and Save it to whatever location (you can specify a new folder too) with the right format, compression, and output settings.

7. Now go back to the Actions Palette and click the small square button or icon for Stop Recording to stop and save the recording. Then close the currently opened image.

8. You are now ready to automate the process, for that go to File then Automate then Batch. Set these settings as follow:

Action: the action you just created
Source: Folder Choose…: select the folder where your images to process are
Destination: Save and Close
Override Action “Save As” Command: No
Click OK and let Photoshop process all your photos. When it finishes, all your images should be resized in a new folder (if you set had that).


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~ by wienmandu on August 28, 2008.

11 Responses to “Mass (Batch) Photos Resizing in Photoshop”

  1. hey – thanks a lot

    i am using your recommendation right now, i appreciate the info.

    i would also place a link to this page from my site

  2. Thanks Wienmandu,
    I don’t like to think of the time I spent resizing hundreds and hundreds of photos before!
    Very much appreciated!


    Wienmandu : Thanks !

  3. Wienmandu!
    Thanks Dude! You are a savior.
    Great great great tutorial.
    Very much appreciated.

    Wienmandu : Welcome.

  4. i need to get the serial number for adobe cs3 version

    Wienmandu: That is why, we need to purchase the software.

  5. [Wienmandu: That is why, we need to purchase the software.]


    • If you need to purchase a software there are many promising softwares in Market but Photoshop is on the top. If you dont want to spend money for that try SumoPaint.

  6. Mate – you love yourself eh! picture on the top says it all

    and lets all buy software costing 5,000 dollars eh in total so we can create a blog or picture for granny!

    [Wienmandu: Dear, with the help of Google you may search for a free Image editing software. My suggestion is SumoPaint.]

  7. Ok Wienmandu – you surpassed my expectations (and I take back that comment you chose not to post – sorry). I just like to think outside the box when It comes to certain things ;)

  8. This technique was so helpful to me…..thank you for saving me hours of work on a current project!

  9. Thanks so much!!!

  10. Thanks very much mate! Makes my day a neat automated trick like this! (I get to leave work 1 hour earlier..) :-)

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