Afghanistan roars in Beijing : Rohullah Nikpai

Rohullah Nikpai

Rohullah Nikpai

In the South Asian Region India had been the only country to win Olympic Medals in this Olympic 2008, Beijing session. Yesterday, Afghanistan opened with a bronze Medal won by Rohullah Nikpai, 21, 6 feet tall, in Taekwondo Men’s 58 Kg event. Anyway we have to wish Rohullah and Afghanistan for this achievement. It has become a green leaf on the desert.

Politically turmoiled for half century, badly bombarded and almost destroyed Afghanistani sportspersons are mostly tall and strong. They take benefit of this and in many sports, they are far better than other countries with peace.

Anyways, congratulations Rohullah !!!

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~ by wienmandu on August 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Afghanistan roars in Beijing : Rohullah Nikpai”

  1. Amazing! I hope he stays with Afghanistan and not be enticed away like Rashid Ramzi of MOROCCO! Afghanistan needs him as a role model now.

  2. and this is a PS from my earlier post: I am a UK citizen, watched Rohullah blast Harvey the GBR contestant out of the ring and thought GREAT! It is so wonderful to see great athletes come from disadvantaged countries and beat the First World privaeged athletes! I am proud that GBR is 3rd in the Medal Tables but this young man is someone to watch for the future and I will be following his career.

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