Pushkar Shah : A humble person


Pushkar Shah has been in Vienna since last Friday, August 15, 2008. I had heard and read about him when I was in my college days around AD 1998-99. He started the world tour on two wheels with almost impossible target due to no solid financial sponsor. But 11 years after the almost forgotten start, he is known through the world. Many conscious people about cycling know and have high regard for him.  He came across hundreds of cultures and hundreds of thousands of people round the globe. Sometimes he drinks alcohol and dances somewhere in Peru, whereas sometimes he is on the escape to stay alive in Johannesberg, or he is on the verge of losing his life just for just $10 in USA, sometimes he is overwelmed with the warm welcome by many European people and Nepali diaspora. He never forgets to thank those people he meets on the way, they helped him with their pennies with his golden, unforgetting smile.

Many people ask him many question about his journey, private life and family. He is not bothered to answer the same questions that he answered hundreds of times. He retains his smile and keeps himself full of life. I found himself much more sparkling than what I have read about him. Long tiring journey could not fade him and his smile, rather he seems to have created a great spout of energy inside him. He spreads the messege of love, peace and brotherhood. The journey across 125 countries has taught him to be humble and smiling.

Long live Pushkar and so do your Objectives !!! I salute you.

Wienmandu Blogger Mitra KHATTRI posing with Cyclist Pushkar Shah

Cafe Restaurant Himalaya, the first station of gathering


Mr. Shah recollecting the different experiences during his journey

This best friend of Mr. Shah was presented by the first Everest conquerer Sir Edmund Hillary, NZ


His history maker bike stationed outside of Cafe Restaurant Himalaya

On little bit more zoomed in, promotion Nepal as “the Land of Everest” can be seen.

On zooming in on his bag, flags of many countries travelled by him can be seen.

Poor Hari Dai, forgotton that the Hero is on his backside.

Sheela Steiner, passing comments on everything regardless of Shah’s narration

Mr: Shah posing for photo shoot with new friends living in Vienna, Austria

Station 2 of Gathering : Yak and Yeti, the oldest Nepali Restaurant in Vienna, Austria

Mr. Shah is interviewed and is interacting with an Austrian Reporter and other Nepalese

At the end of the ceremony, Baburam honouring Mr. Shah by offering him Khādā

Click, click !!! Another photo session with Raj and Kanchha, the owners of Yak and Yeti

Buddha, the symbol of Peace worldwide, which is the mail slogan of Mr. Shah


A collection of articles and new-clippings published in many newspapers throughout the world

His visiting card issued by Lions Club with Global Roaming Service

                                               (All Photo credit: Mitra KHATTRI)

Pushkar Shah : A Nepali Cycling-Ambassador
World Tour on two-wheels : Pushkar Shah


~ by wienmandu on August 18, 2008.

5 Responses to “Pushkar Shah : A humble person”

  1. It is great to see Pushkar’s interaction at Vienna.
    Of all the pictures here, i wonder Pushkar approved for his wallet’s picture and exposing his private life. You guys really been a papparazzi!! We should respect one’s privacy.

    Wienmandu : We always respect him, he has let us see the content of his wallet by his will.

    • There has been a great mistake here. She is not Pushkar’s wife. She is just a close friend of Pushkar and is a married woman with a kid. The exposure here may cause a serious misunderstanding and a huge problem in her as well as Pushkar’s Life. I request Mitra Khattri ji to kindly remove this picture of his. If Mr. Khattri needs further clarification on it, please contact Mr. Shah personally and kindly delete this photo immediately. Thank you.

  2. Puskar jee hamro bhet ghat nabhayeko dherai bhayo tapaile Mt. Everest ko safal aarohan garnu bhayekoma dherai badhai chha.tapai laai safalatako shubhakana. your friend Yan.

  3. The woman in the picture is not his wife.They are friends only. Please delete the picture of the wallet and pp size photo of the lady. This will have a unfulfilled damage to lots of life related with this lady and Mr. Shah .We request you to delete it asap. Thank you and hope the admin understands the serious effect of it on someone’s life as well as lots of other lives.

  4. Dear Mitra Khattri ji,

    This is our humble request you to delete the photo of the lady stated as Pushkar Shah’s wife. This is totally a false information. The photo was taken in a picnic and it is a group photograph. It is ridiculous that only their photo has been cut in such a way to show them as a couple. Someone close must have done it intentionally to harm both of them. Exposing herself as his wife is creating a serious trouble in her married life. She is happily married with other man and have already got one kid.Please understand and delete this photo as soon as possible. Thank you

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