One dirty Similarity

Several years back I had seen a movie “Nayak” starring Anil Kapoor. I liked it for it was a symbol of protest against the failed and extremely slow Law and Order, Systematisation, Judicial Machinary. Lets see one glimpse of it.

Since I live in Austria and before that in Nepal, so I missed to learn about many relatively smaller incidents in Indian political scenario. Later I found an old video about the interview of Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujrat, a province in India. He is allegedly deemed to be the key-actor, who have got around 2.5 thousands Sikhs massacred and thousands other wounded and displaced in AD 1984 after the assassination of then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by two of her own Bodyguards, who happened to come from Sikh Families.
The second video reminds strongly of the first video. Perhaps the scene in the movie had been deliberately inserted in the movie in the strong influence of that real incident.


~ by wienmandu on August 7, 2008.

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