The Most famous Cocktails : Piña Colada

Now, we are going to learn preparing one of the best cocktails of the world – Piña Colada.

Piña Colada

Piña Colada


4 cl White Rum
8 cl Pinapple Juice
4 cl Cream of Coconut
2 cl Cream


Step 1. Pour all the ingredients together with some 4-5 icecubes in the Shaker and shake well for around 10 seconds.

 Step 2. Pour the content to a glass that is already fulled one-third with crushed ice through a Strainer .

Step 3. Finally, garnish the drink as you like, a pinapple slice or three cocktail berries would be great. Some use a fresh piece of coconut instead. Serve now with a straw.

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