Cover-Up : Arushi Murder Case

The Arushi Murder Case is today after 56 days solved.  The police subjected Rajkumar, the home servant of the Durani family, a friend of the Talwar family to the Narco test for the second time in order to bring the answers to some specific questions.

The police has got success now. Under the effect of Narcotics Rajkumar revealed many secrets. He disclosed that Hemraj invited him along with Krishna and Shambhu on a Alco-dinner. When they all were heavily drunk, Rajkumar followed by Krishna and entered into Arushi’s room. Rajkumar wanted to rape  Arushi, whereas Krishna wanted to take revange with her father. Seeing them very brutal, Hemraj opposed and climbed to the roof of the building crying loudly.  Krishna and Rajkumar got freightened and slit Hemraj’s throat up on the roof.  In the endeavour of escaping the legal punishment, they considered Arushi to be another big probem for them  and eventually slit her throat too.

Although, Rajkumar has accepted it under the Narco test but his statement could not be  used as an evidence. Still, it is for  CBI a big success. They are sure that they will soon crack this case on  in the court too.

Thre are some unsolved questions still live. Where are the mobile phones of Arushi and Hemraj ? Where is the most searched-for lethal weapon – Khukuri?

The killers of Arushi


~ by wienmandu on July 10, 2008.

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