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Cruelty to Children
Cruelty to Children

Today, I was watching an online TV channel IBN7 India. I saw a horrible news about the brutal punishments to the school children in the name of maintaining discipline in Kolkata, India. A youngster of around 14 years old boy was beaten down badly just because he purchased the school uniform outside the school shop against the instructions of the headmaster. Another student aged ten was beaten just because he accepted cola offered by his classmate.

Can you imagine how cruel are our present generation of teachers? What would they teach our new generation about love, peace and togetherness, especially when they are themselves cruel beast?

This is not the story of Kolkalta or India alone. It’s the story of almost all poor and developing countries due to Ignorace or Non-Acceptance of the Children-Dignity. If schools, parents and the society expect the children to see a mentally sound and responsible citizen, the treatment to them must be positve and promotive not punitive and harassing.

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~ by wienmandu on July 10, 2008.

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