Two phases of Puberty

Puberty is referred to as the physical and mental changes that happen to a male or female at the age between 12 to 16. Many learned people consider it as just the second stage of Puberty. If it is true, when the first stage of Puberty would take place. It’s the teenage puberty that we offen refer to.

Dr. Sarita Ban, a very good friend of mine, works in Children Unit of a Hospital in Vienna. She has two kids. She has an immense experience with kids. She likes to play with kids and reads much about them. Whenever we meet, mostly we talk about kids and the way they are. About what we used to be and that we either don’t know or have forgotten so far.

On one occasion last week, her two years old daughter made friend with a same aged boy. They looked so cute and seemed attracted to eachother. When one happened to fall on the street, the another tried to help the first stand. The level of social growth seemed substantially between them. They played together, went hand to hand and spoken a vivid language without words that everyone could understand. It was very pleasant to watch them.

Then, Sarita told that it is actually the first puberty in life. The kids, innocent at the age when they have the sheerest form of love, when they have learned about love and affection but they have’t learned the social differences, distress of life. I agreed completely with her.


~ by wienmandu on July 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “Two phases of Puberty”

  1. Brilliant!

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  3. salutations doctor, i completely agree with this theory, it makes so much sense if you have observed children growing up. I myself am going through the second phase of puberty and find it very stimulating yet complex. Oddly i have found so much interest in this subject that it has become almost impossible to not careful observe the changes that i am going though almost to often. I truly adore your opinion and facts on puberty. In the quest to come up with my own conclusion similar to yours but not the exact, i encourage you to send me an e-mail. My e-mail address is Please do not be shy to write back.(if you see this)

  4. if some loser i do not wanna even know tries to send me a e-mail dont even bother

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