My new step…

MitraDear Friends,

This is Mitra Khattri from Vienna, Austria. I am originally from Shankar Nagar, a small village in middle part of Nepal. In course of pursuing the higher studies I came to Vienna in AD 2004. The Title of my Blog is a combination of “Wien” + “Kathmandu”. Wien is an Endonym used for Vienna, the capital of Austria, where I am living now. And Kathmandu is the capital of my country. That’s it.

I have gone through some very popular blogs of Bollywood Stars Amir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, My Sansar and so on. I though why dont I broadcast myself. This is how, I have plunged into the world of Blogging from today. I have not really planned about the form of the contents that would be written on my blog but I assure you for certain that I would not focus perticularly in a theme. I don’t want to limit myself and my ideas into a predetermined framework. It could contain the topics on Photography, Nepalese, Austrian, European as well as World Socio-, Eco- and Political Equations. From Nature, Beauty to Maths and Geometry, I would like to write on all the things that buzzes in my mind.

So, it would not be a specialised Blog perhaps, but it would run through all the possible horizons.

I would appreciate your comment, suggestions, rebukes, everything in order to improve the Blog by the first Nepali Blogger in Vienna and Austria (?).



~ by wienmandu on June 29, 2008.

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